There are many uses for plastic storage boxes

There are many uses for plastic storage boxes around the home. These versatile storage containers can help you get organized, plant a garden, pay your taxes on time and help you Paster Boxes for sale get cooking in the kitchen. Once you start keeping things neat and separated, you will wonder how you ever kept your home tidy without them. 1. If you are like many people, the bottom of your closet has become a catch all for everything from shoes and boots to notebooks, pens and pencils. Using plastic boxes of varying sizes is the perfect way to organize your closet and separate your flip-flops from your hair clips. Choosing clear boxes will make it simple to find what you need in the future.

Alternatively, you can simply label each box with its contents. Stack the filled boxes on the floor of your closet, and always remember to replace something in the correct box when you are done with it. 2. Start seedlings in a plastic box. If you want to sprout seeds indoors before moving them to an outdoor garden, you can use a plastic box. Unlike some pots or other containers specifically made for gardening, a plastic container won’t leak. This is an especially good idea if the prospect of dirt or water leaking onto your indoor windowsill is the only thing keeping you from growing herbs and vegetables yourself. 3. Have you ever noticed how quickly April 15 rolls around every year? Unfortunately, some people are hopelessly disorganized when it comes to filing their taxes. Why not use a small plastic box to store your receipts and other tax documents throughout the year?

That way, when tax season arrives, you will have all the necessary documents in one safe place where you can easily access them to take them to your accountant or tax preparer. Your refund will be on its way in record time. 4. Storage boxes are especially useful in the kitchen. Depending on the size and shape of the box, you can store everything from your favorite recipes to open packages of cereal and spaghetti in plastic containers to keep them dry. Plastic storage units even keep pests like insects or rodents from getting at your food, spreading disease and making a mess. 5. Plastic storage boxes are even great for clothing. Store your out-of-season bikinis and shorts out of the way in the winter or your coats and hats in the summer. Large boxes are ideal, but if you don’t have room in a closet or basement to store them, you can opt for the shorter boxes that slide directly under your bed for safekeeping. Make sure you keep like items together. You never want to store bathing suits with leg warmers or winter hats with flip-flops because that makes items more difficult to retrieve. This is the perfect storage solution for things that are not in season, so make sure every family member has his or her own storage boxes to keep the whole household ready for summer, spring, winter and fall.

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