These products are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions

To maintain product integrity, there’s a lot of considerations to think about when shipping perishable goods. These products are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions like high temperatures or humidity, and temperature-controlled shipping services are pretty hard to come by’not to mention expensive. With careful and proper packaging, however, protecting perishable shipments is possible.Use the right packaging ‘ Sturdy corrugated shipping boxes are made to ship almost anything, but they wouldn’t be fine on their own when it comes to transporting perishables.

You’ll need to provide the appropriate internal packaging, more so for frozen or chilled food. For instance, goods that need to stay cool or frozen can be kept as such with dry ice or frozen gel.Ship the goods fast ‘ Time is of the essence when transporting perishables. After tucking your goods away in layers of protective packaging inside standard corrugated shipping boxes, make sure that they reach their destination as soon as possible by choosing a fast shipping option. Factoring in the travel time and the unforeseen environmental hazards to your products, you’ll also have to balance speed with cost so that you’re not on the losing end.If possible, try having the goods shipped overnight. Temperature-sensitive items must be shipped overnight or express to ensure that they’ll necktie boxes arrive at the right temperature and perfectly intact. While packing such goods, allot as much as 12 hours more preparation time than the delivery commitment time in case of delays. Of course, you wouldn’t want to ship ice cream to your customer, only for the latter to find out that his frozen treat is essentially warm, thick cream later.

Label the boxes properly ‘ Shippers wouldn’t bother opening your boxes up just to know what they are, and you wouldn’t want them to do so, either. So guard against shipping mishaps and confusion by making sure that your boxes are clearly marked and labeled, which helps shippers identify what’s inside each. Information like food contents, as well as directions like Keep Frozen/Cool, Handle with Care, and so on should be plastered outside.Perishables are exactly what their name says’they may perish at any given time if not handled properly. Avoid further hassles and business losses by heeding the simple tips above, and keep your loyal customers on your side of the fence. For more information, visit

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